Ukraine announces the “liberation” of the Kiev suburb of Irbin


He said in televised statements, “In fact, the following is happening in parallel: the armed forces are advancing, the police are advancing, and the streets are being thoroughly combed immediately… Therefore, the city is now liberated, but the presence in it is still dangerous.”

Mayor announced Irbin Oleksandr Markushin earlier Monday via his Telegram channel that Russian soldiers They paid to withdraw from the town at the entrance Kyiv From the northwest.

On Monday, the main checkpoint on the road to Irbin from the outskirts of Kyiv was reopened, two weeks after it was closed to journalists in the wake of… American journalist killed.

But the fighting is still going on, with the sound of 20 shells exploding in succession in the forest, where the six-kilometer-long road passes, according to AFP correspondents at the scene.

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