Ukraine proposes a “neutral situation” and consultations with Russia for 15 years


Ukrainian negotiators said Kyiv had proposed adopting a “neutral status” in exchange for security guarantees in the latest round of talks, meaning it would not join military alliances or host military bases.

Negotiators told reporters in Istanbul that the proposals would also include a 15-year period of consultations on the status of Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014, and could only come into effect in the event of a full ceasefire.

And the correspondent of “Sky News Arabia” quoted the Ukrainian delegation, as saying: “We offered Russia to hold negotiations on… Crimea‘, but ‘No one can stop us from joining the European Union“.

According to the Ukrainian delegation, Kyiv has demanded that 8 countries be guarantors of the agreement, including Turkey.

The Kyiv delegation also confirmed that “negotiations will continue with the Russian side during the next two weeks,” after another session scheduled for Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a Russian negotiator told AFP that the talks in Istanbul were “useful”.

And the Ukrainian President’s advisor, Mikhailo Podolyak, had said earlier that the negotiations included discussing security guarantees and arranging a ceasefire.

Counselor Podolyak reported via Ukrainian TVIntensive consultations took place on some important issues, the most important of which is an agreement on international guarantees for the security of Ukraine, because with this agreement we will be able to end the war as it needs. Ukraine“.

And Abizaid: “The second issue is a cease-fire to solve all the worsening humanitarian problems.”

He explained that another problem is the “escalation of war”, which includes what he said is a “violation of the rules of war”, without giving details.

He received the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Negotiators from both sides, and called on them to “put an end to this tragedy” in reference to the Russian attack on Ukraine that began on February 24.

Erdogan stated that: “Both sides have legitimate concerns, it is possible to reach a solution acceptable to the international community.”

He stressed that “it is up to the two parties to put an end to this tragedy,” noting that “the expansion of the conflict is not in anyone’s interest. The whole world is waiting for good news from you.”

On March 10, Turkey hosted in Antalya the first meeting between the Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers since the start of the Russian attack, but it did not result in a ceasefire agreement or any other breakthrough.

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