Ukraine’s president talks about “extremely difficult” situation in Donbass


“There will be battles ahead. We still need to go down a very difficult road to get everything we want,” he added in a late-night video.

Meanwhile, she said US Department of Defense The Pentagon said Thursday that it is unclear whether the convoy of Russian military vehicles bound for Kyiv, which once stretched some 66 kilometers, is still present after it failed to accomplish its mission.

“I don’t even know if (the convoy) is still there at this point,” said John Kirby, a department spokesman. “They haven’t accomplished their mission at all.”

The stopped convoy became a symbol of the difficulties you are facing Russia On the battlefield, it was repeatedly attacked by Ukrainian forces During the first weeks of the attack, which has been going on for more than a month.

In another development, the Ukrainian authorities announced, on Thursday, that the Russian forces had left the Chernobyl plant, which they had occupied since the start of the attack on Ukraine on February 24.

The Ukrainian government agency in charge of managing the station area said on Facebook: “There are no longer foreign people inside Chernobyl Station for nuclear energy”.

Prior to that, the agency had indicated that Russian forces had begun leaving the station, located about 100 kilometers north of Kyiv.

The agency was accused Russian forces While leaving the station, she “looted buildings and stole equipment and other valuables.”

Ukrainian specialists will now search the station for any “improvised explosive devices”, according to the same source.

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