Ukrainian Presidency: These are the advantages of the agreement with Moscow


Adviser to the Ukrainian President indicated that if Ukraine reached an agreement with Russiayou will join European Unionand “you get huge money for the restoration of the previous situation and you get better guarantees than those in NATO.”

Aristovich stressed that Russia will be among the guarantors of security UkraineAs a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council,

On his prediction of the future situation of Ukraine, the presidential adviser said: “In the event of military aggression against Ukraine, within 3 days, the guarantor countries must start emergency consultations, provide military, economic, humanitarian and political assistance, including closed skies, the supply of weapons and ammunition, etc. till then”.

“The Ukrainian army shortened the time to enter the European Union by at least 20 years, and we get a set of bonuses, including an improved agreement compared to NATO, Russia says now in 15 years we will solve the Crimea problem together,” Aristovich emphasized.

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