Very hot details about the most rude and decadent movie in the history of Egyptian cinema.. Mervat Amin without clothes and Rushdi Abazas dungwan committing an unforgivable scandal..?


He started his rise journey with small roles, but he quickly became the star loved by the audience, directors, producers, and even stars and starlets.

Rushdi Abaza..a unique case in the history of cinema. He is the Pasha, the son of the Pasha, who became a popular star and Dangoan, and the model that every woman desires in her man.

He was born in 1926 in Mansoura, to a wealthy and well-known family. He began his artistic career in 1948. Rushdi Abaza presented 100 films during his career, and his last film was in 1980, “I will return without tears.” Then he died in July of the same year.

Today, we are talking about the story of the movie “The Greatest Child in the World”, which was produced in 1972, based on the story of Ali Salem, directed by Jalal Al-Sharqawi, and starring Mervat Amin with Rushdi Abaza and Hind Rostom.

Rushdi Abaza also committed an unforgivable sin when he agreed with the late able actress Hind Rostom and the artist Mervat Amin to present the film, in which the artist Mervat Amin appeared completely naked, without dramatic necessity, so the film is one of the “notorious” films, which were banned from the show.

The events of the film revolve around Matilda, a Swedish girl who arrives in Egypt to live with her father’s friend, a university professor, and his wife, a famous broadcaster, who suffer from childlessness.

Matildas super-beauty seduces the university professor, but he tries to resist and eventually succumbs to a crazy project Tlaida has to give birth to a child who will be the greatest child in the world, combining the West and the East.

The film came to be one of the boldest films produced by Egyptian and Arab cinema, as it carried hot scenes that were the most daring, which prompted the censors to prevent it from showing permanently, but it remained in circulation on videotapes.

The film Mervat Amin entered the banned films circle, which bears the slogan for adults only, and was the beginning of a series of films that went in the same direction, especially during the seventies of the last century.

While filming the movie, Mervat Amin met the musician Omar Khorshid, to announce their engagement in Beirut, to marry after the completion of filming the movie in June 1972, only to divorce one year later.


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