Very painful details.. Get to know the story of the artist who loved him madly, so she deceived him and sincerely deceived her.


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The beginning of the date of birth, where Mustafa Kamel El-Shenawy was born in December 1908 in the village of Nusa El-Bahr;  aja center;  Dakahlia Governorate.

His father, Sheikh Sayed Al-Shinnawi (the judge of the Sharia judiciary) named him after the great leader Mustafa Kamel.. His uncle, Sheikh Mamoun Al-Shennawi, was the former Sheikh of Al-Azhar. And his mother: Siddiqa Hanim bint Said Pasha. And his brother, the great poet Mamoun Al-Shennawi.

Kamel El-Shennawy suffered throughout his life from severe obesity; Which made him a target for bullying children of his age; But he always got through it with his jovial and perpetual sarcasm; His ability to write and write poetry.

Kamel El-Shinnawi joined Al-Azhar Al-Sharif.. Then he began his work in the world of journalism in Al-Wadi newspaper in 1930; Its editor-in-chief at that time was Taha Hussein.. Then Kamel El-Shennawy moved to Rose El-Youssef. Then he worked in the pyramids. Then he took over the presidency of Akher Sa’a magazine.

Kamel El-Shennawy was known for the gentleness of his poetry and the gentleness of his words; sing to him the greats of rapture; The likes of Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab, Farid al-Atrash, Najat, Abd al-Halim Hafez and others. He died in November 1965 at the age of 56.

As for Najat Muhammad Kamal Hosni al-Baba, or Najat al-Saghira, she was born in August 1938 in Cairo.. Her father was a Syrian who worked as a calligrapher; He immigrated to Egypt in his youth, married an Egyptian woman, and had eight siblings, among whom were survivors. Then he married Jawhara Muhammad Hassan and had three brothers with her, including Souad Hosni.

Named after the small survivor; This is because she started her artistic life in her childhood; Because of the small size of her body; She was called Little Najat; This name has kept her throughout her life.

Najat was married twice; When she was seventeen years old, she married Kamal Mansi in 1955; She gave birth to her only son, Walid; They separated in 1960. Then, in 1967, she married director Hossam El Din Mostafa. She separated from him after a short time and did not marry again after him.

The poet’s love for the singer; important in her love; But it was a one-sided love.. Najat never exchanged love. As he could never stop loving her… He told himself how in 1962 he had prepared a birthday party for her; Prepare everything and buy gifts;
She and the guests attended.

And when it was time to put out the candles, she chose the great writer “Youssef Idris” to cut the birthday cake with her.. She held his hand and they cut the cake together.. It was as if they were cutting his heart, not the cake.. which prompted Kamel to withdraw sadly, hiding his tears..

how he once saw her kiss Yusuf Idris; He wrote his masterpiece, “Don’t lie.. I saw you two together. Let go of crying, for I hated the tears. How easy is the bridging tears if they flow.. From a lying eye, then he denies and pretends.” He wrote it while he was drowning in his tears; And his heart bleeds from pain and sadness.

He called Najat and read the poem to her in a faint voice interspersed with auras, sighs, and groans. She never felt that she was meant by his words, which he wrote with tears in his heart and bleeding of his heartbreak.. Rather, she liked them very much. And she decided to sing it; And she sang it…

Then Kamel wanted to send a hidden message to Yusuf Idris; that he is not alone a lover of salvation; So Kamel wrote to Abdel Halim Hafez his famous song, “You are not alone, her lover.. Her lover is before you; and I may have come after you; and perhaps I was like you.

The great journalist Mustafa Amin Seddik Kamel wrote about his friend’s love story for Najat: that Kamel loved Najat the great love that made him cry, exhausted, destroyed and killed him in the end.. Kamel gave this woman everything; glory, fame and poetry; As for her, she did not give him anything.. He loved her and she deceived him; sincerely deceived her; He made her a queen and she made him a joke

The great poet remained confined to his love, his melancholy and his loneliness; He did not marry and was never engaged without Najat and two eyes of Najat; until the body died and joined the soul that had departed from it before; When she was run over by the escape of her feet, she was ignored and repelled.


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