Very shocking secrets..The true religion of Marwa Hammad was revealed..The wife of the founder of Birds of Paradise Khaled Miqdad, which she hid from everyone!!(See details)


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p> The name Marwa Hammad has a strong relationship with the Birds of Paradise channel. When we hear the name Marwa Hammad, the songs of the Birds of Paradise channel come to our minds. Who is Marwa Hammad?  And what is its relationship to the Birds of Paradise channel. 

To get to know some information about Marwa Hammad’s personality, as follows:

Marwa Hammad is considered the wife of Mr. Khaled Miqdad, the founder of the Birds of Paradise channel, and she is the most important director of the Birds of Paradise channel.

Marwa Hammad was born in 1979 in the State of Kuwait.
Marwa Hammad’s religion is Muslim, and so are all her family members.

Marwa Hammad finished her group studies, and began her artistic career in 1998 by working as a director in the Toyor al-Jana channel.

She married Mr. Khaled Miqdad in the year 1998 AD, and also gave birth to her first son, Al-Waleed Miqdad, and Al-Waleed’s date of birth was December 29, 1999 AD.

Marwa Hammad’s husband
Marwa Hammad’s husband is Mr. Khaled Abdullah Miqdad, director and founder of Birds of Paradise channel.

The Birds of Paradise channel was established in the year 2008.
Khaled Miqdad has Jordanian citizenship, but he is also of Palestinian origin.

Khaled Miqdad’s first wife
In 1998, Khaled Miqdad married his first and only wife, Marwa Hammad, who was his assistant in many of the works that he excelled in.

She supported him a lot at the opening of the Birds of Paradise channel, and Mr. Khaled Miqdad from his wife, Marwa Hammad, gave birth to their children:

Al-Waleed Miqdad was born on December 30, 1999.
Al-Mu’tasim Billah Miqdad was born on July 27, 2001 AD.

Jana Miqdad was born on April 29, 2008.
The twins Jad and Iyad Miqdad were born on 09/15/2011.
And the new baby deed Miqdad.

Because of the terrible technological development, many have been able to achieve unparalleled fame through YouTube channels and satellite TV channels.

Among the Arab channels that have achieved unparalleled success, the Birds of Paradise channel, and among the professional staff was the director Marwa Hammad,

Which contributed strongly to the success of the channel, and during this article we got to know who Marwa Hammad is.


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