Was Abramovich poisoned? Interesting details of the Russia-Ukraine negotiations


The Wall Street Journal and the Bellingcat website, which specializes in Investigative Journalismuntil an accident poisoning It took place after talks held between the two parties.

And the British newspaper, “The Guardian”, quoted a source it described as an insider, as saying: Abramovich club owner Chelsea The Englishman and a man close to Russian President Vladimir Putin were engaged in informal negotiations in early March, when he began to feel ill.

According to the source, the Ukrainian MP Rustam Omirov was also a participant in the negotiations, and later left for Poland, and with other participants he felt the same symptoms, and then they were transferred to Istanbul Where they received treatment there.

According to the Bellingcat report, Abramovich suffered from vision problems for hours after being poisoned, and was treated in Turkey with Omirov and others.

The report said that 3 of those who attended the round of talks between Ukraine and Russia between March 3-4, had symptoms consistent with chemical poisoning.

He added, “Those who experienced symptoms were 3 people, and they took Chocolate And water only, in the hours prior to the onset of symptoms.

But the report stated that a US official spoke to “Reuters”, ruling out the hypothesis of intentional poisoning, based on intelligence information.

On Monday, the official revealed that what is considered evidence of this incident does not indicate the poisoning.

Commenting on the report, a spokesman for the Ukrainian President said Volodymyr Zelensky: “There is a lot of speculation at the moment, and we recommend that you only follow the official information.”

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