Watch.. 4 female artists who were deprived of work and acting with Mustafa Shaaban for all.. You won’t believe what he did with the heroine of the movie “Ashab wa La Aziz!!”


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Despite his wide stardom and successful roles, the Egyptian artist Mostafa Shaaban was unable to establish strong and multiple relationships with the stars.

Those who participate with him in his artistic works, since his rise to stardom, even clashed with some of them, until they decided not to cooperate with him again, no matter what roles or financial compensation he offered them.

Despite the friendship that Mustafa Shaaban had with the stars of his generation, including the star Mona Zaki, and their cooperation in the movie “Mafia”, the relationship between them

She became tense after their participation in the movie “Dreams of Our Life”, as Mona was angry at the way her name was placed in the sequences of the cinematic work.

Mona Zaki
She also announced that the problem was dealing with Mustafa Shaaban as the star of the work and she supported him in it, while she is the heroine of many films, which affected her role, as scenes of her were cropped, by agreement between

Mustafa and director Othman Abu Laban, but they announced in the newspapers at the time that she was absent from recording a dubbing of one of the scenes.

In one of the interviews, Mona Zaki stressed the rejection of any upcoming work with him and said: I was forbidden to work with him again. Mona justified her position that she asked to implement a certain thing in these scenes, which did not happen, so

She preferred not to attend, and the matter developed to a greater degree that made her announce more than once in her television interviews that she would not cooperate with him again.

Houria Farghali
Despite the distinguished scenes that brought together Houria Farghali and the star Mustafa Shaaban during their filming of the series “Doctor Gynecology”, this relationship did not last long, as soon as the show of work began until

A nymph turned against Mustafa, after it became clear to her that a large group of her important and affecting scenes had been deleted, as she stated, which she collected with the artist Ahmed Badir.

But Mustafa Shaaban deleted it with the director, which angered her a lot, and made her wage war on the hero of the series, and she went to attack him in all her meetings.

The most recent of which was the “Bouduh” program with Amr Al-Leithi, which was recently shown on Al-Hayat channel.

Tunisian Dora
And on the fence, Dora Al-Tunisia, who, after her success in forming a duet with Mustafa Shaaban during the series “Al-Ahar” and winning the admiration of the viewer, after her success in forming a duet with the series “The Wife”

The fourth, “She agreed to present a role in which she appears only during the last episodes, and she explained at the time that she had complimented Mustafa Shaaban with him, and this came to save him after a group of artists refused to participate in it,

She stated that what prompted her was the fact that her personality condemns the idea of ​​polygamy, which the work reviews.

However, Dora did not mind repeating the experience with Mustafa Shaaban in the series “The Mood of Goodness,” so that the last meeting between them would be in the television drama.

Where she announced in press statements to one of the news sites that she wanted to get out from under Mustafas wings, and at the same time she denied his interference in directing and deleting the scenes, which affected her former stars.

Here is Shiha and the meeting with Al-Khamisi
And in the series “Abu Al Banat”, a group of stars apologized for participating in the series, including Hana Shiha, who made it clear in special statements that she did not like the role at all, as well as the series.

Noting that she had expressed her rejection of him from the beginning, so I was surprised that the work makers published news that she had joined him.

The same applies to the artist, Liqa al-Khamisi, but the latter justified her position by being busy filming the series “Ras Al-Ghoul” with Mahmoud Abdel Aziz.

Ola Ghanem saved him
Until the Egyptian actress Ola Ghanem was settled, who rescued Mustafa Shaaban in light of the lack of time, so that “Abu Al-Banat” formed the third cooperation between them after the series “Shame” and “The Fourth Wife”.


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