Watch: The child of the series, Raya and Sakina (Beautiful), you will not believe how she charmed the attention with her beauty and tenderness at her wedding, and the great surprise of those who attended her joy!! (photo)


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The pioneers of social networking sites shared a set of photos from the wedding of the Egyptian actress, Nouran Gad, known for the role of Badia the Child in the famous series “Raya and Sakina” a child.

After 16 years of his show, Nouran caught the eye with her changing features and maturity, as well as the beauty of her looks at the party, so she wore a fluffy white dress,

Chains hang from it on the hands, with a long veil and a crown on the head, and the followers left comments praising and congratulating Nauran.

Nouran celebrated her marriage contract with an Egyptian doctor in a hotel in Cairo last year, and the wedding was attended by a number of artists such as Wafaa Amer, and Al Jafel revived the artists Tamer Hosni and Mahmoud Assili.


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