Watch the luxury and immensity in the palace of the actor, leader Adel Imam, and its towering wall.. You will not believe what your eyes will see.. What was written on his gate will amaze you!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Despite his simple beginning, and his birth in the modest Helmeya neighborhood, the great artist Adel Imam, who has a long artistic history, rose to stardom in a short time.

And leader Adel Imam, during his artistic career, was able to make a huge fortune, which put him in the ranks of the richest actors in Egypt and the Arab region.

Adel Imam bought a large palace in Mansouriya, an area that brings together many important figures in Egypt, including ambassadors, artists, and others. The palace is characterized by a classic and modern character at the same time.

The palace’s interior area is about 100 acres, surrounded by a tall and large wall, and on the gate there is a sign that says “Villa Al Imam” in white on a blue background.

In the attached picture, we take you on a short trip to the palace of the leader, Adel Imam, to learn about his luxury and his taste in choosing furniture and decoration.


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