Watch the Senegalese fans’ attack on Mohamed Salah and direct signs and words outside of him


Mohamed Salah is a star Egypt national team And Liverpool, the English, to attacks, signs and words out of the Senegalese fans present in the stands of the Egypt-Senegal match, which ended with the victory and qualification of Senegal to the World Cup finals..

Some Senegalese fans threw bottles at Mohamed Salah while he was leaving the stadium, so the fans insulted him and threw bottles at him when he left the match after it ended.

The Egyptian Football Association submitted a complaint to the International Football Association “FIFA”, about the unfortunate events that affected the Egyptian team in the Senegal match, which ended with Senegal’s victory and qualification for the World Cup, to demand that the match between Egypt and Senegal be repeated..

Replay of the match between Egypt and Senegal

A source in the Football Association confirmed that the complaint is based on Article No. 83 of the Penal Code in the Confederation of African Football, which is an article that includes an explicit clause that mass events that affect the outcome of the match directly lead to the replay of the match in order to achieve the principle of equal opportunities..

The source continued that there are confirmed penalties that will be applied to Senegal, namely financial fines and deprivation of fans for a number of matches due to the events documented by the Football Association in audio and video and sent to the CAF, explaining that the replay of the match remains one of the penalties offered according to the discretion of the FIFA Sanctions and Discipline Committees.

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