Watch: Ukrainian soldiers shoot Russian prisoners


With the continuation of the Russian military operation in Ukraine And today, Tuesday, its 34th daySocial media circulated a video of scenes attributed to Ukrainian soldiers shooting directly at the feet of Russian prisoners of war from a very short distance.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu warned that his country would respond appropriately if NATO countries provided Ukraine with fighters and air defense systems.

He explained, during a press conference, that what he described as uncontrolled supply of arms to Ukraine It could pose a threat to Europe.

Shoigu also stressed that the first stage of the military operation had achieved all its goals, noting that the forces would focus on achieving the main goal, which is the liberation of the Donbass region.

He said about 600 foreign mercenaries had been killed in the past two weeks in Ukraine.

Before that, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the army had destroyed a major Ukrainian refueling base in the Ukrainian region of Rivne. And it explained in a statement that it destroyed 68 Ukrainian military installations and 3 marches in one day.

The Russian Defense said that it had shot down 123 Ukrainian planes, 74 helicopters and 311 drones since the beginning of the military operation.

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