Watch – Yasmine Sabry ignites the atmosphere with an unexpected appearance


Posted by the artist Yasmine Sabry A set of a new photo of her through her official account on the social networking site for the exchange of videos and photos, “Instagram”.

and appeared Yasmine Sabry In a place outside Egypt, she went on a hunting trip, dressed in tight casual clothes, to me, which impressed the audience. From an aesthetic point of view, he used a little make-up, as usual, leaving her hair behind.

public comments

And the artist got many beautiful comments, such as: The first time I saw a deer hunting, it was supposed to be hunted– Moon shines, God willing – beauty and elegance are you.

Yasmine Sabry’s latest work

Yasmine Sabry confirmed in previous statements that she is currently preparing for a dramatic work to be shown in the coming month of Ramadan, especially since she has not participated in any artistic works since her husband from businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima.

Yasmine Sabry is one of the stars who does not give up sports, and she has always shared with her followers the times she spends in gyms, showing off her grace, and the difficult movements she makes, in addition to the distinctive sports clothes that she adopts while she practices sports, especially if she did not participate in any television work in The month of Ramadan last, which raised many questions about that absence.


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