We will not sell gas for free.. European countries must open accounts in rubles


Today, Thursday, Sputnik Agency reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the signing of a decree on… Gas trade with countries it described as “unfriendly”.

The agency quoted Putin as saying that the current contracts for the purchase of Russian gas will be suspended in the event of refusal to pay in rubles.

“Western countries should open accounts in Russian banks to be able to buy gas from Russia,” Putin added, noting that new rules for selling Russian gas to “unfriendly countries” will come into effect on the first of next April.

Putin accused Western countries of trying to blame Russia for its mistakes, adding that “Europe is facing industrial decline and widespread job loss due to US actions.” “All sanctions against Russia were prepared in advance and would have been imposed anyway,” he added.

“We do not intend to sell gas for free or engage in charitable work, exporting gas in rubles will boost the Russian economy,” Putin said.

Putin announced that the current contracts to buy Russian gas would be stopped if countries refused to pay in rubles, and said, “Russian companies respected their obligations and we must respond to the violations of the West.”

Putin indicated that the Europeans are obliged to buy American gas.

 Gas pipeline of Gazprom in eastern Russia

Gas pipeline of Gazprom in eastern Russia

The Russian president called for developing long-term plans for the development of his country’s economy and freeing it from any external influence.

“No one will supply gas for free. This is simply impossible. It can be paid for only in rubles. Companies must understand the changed and completely changed situation, which arose in the conditions of the economic war waged against Russia and also, of course, companies must understand that they need Only to buy rubles, in their currencies, in euros and dollars, and pay for gas in rubles.”

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