When they asked Suhair Al-Baroni why she refused Hussein Fahmy’s (kiss), she shocked everyone and revealed the dangerous secret.. an unexpected shock!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The able artist, Suhair Al-Baroni, enjoyed an unparalleled lightness of shade and became more famous when she appeared with the artist Mohamed Henedy in the movie The Great China Bean, in which she played the role of his mother and sang the song See the lack of his literature, which was sung by many.

The artist Suhair Al-Baroni was born on the 5th of December 1937 in the Bab Al-Shaariya neighborhood on the Army Street. She loved me so much because I was an athlete, and the Arab teacher was or didn’t open my notebook, handing me 10 out of 10 and a star and letting me read the lesson.”

She continued her academic excellence in the secondary school in Abbasiya, and one day, by chance, the artist Othman Muhammad Ali, one of her relatives, was taking the exams at the Acting Institute. To play the role even though she is not one of the candidates for the exam, “I told him I am not with them, and he told me to get up to fix the mistake for them, and when I appeared, he said, Congratulations, you are the first,” according to a rare video of her.

And the artist Suhair Al-Baroni, the granddaughter of Suleiman Pasha Al-Baroni, one of the senior Baronis in Libya and the companion of Omar Al-Mukhtar in his struggle against the occupation. You will work as a theater director.” So Suhair made her way to the radio, so she presented the seven-part “Bint Bahri” by the poet Bayram al-Tunisi.

As the days passed, the director of the Rihani Theater met her and told her of his desire to work with him, so her mother refused, which forced him to convince her by all possible methods, as he offered her to have an Arab who would bring her to the theater with her and her family and take her back to her home again, so the family agreed, “Mary Munib taught me Mashhad Radah said To me, you go to the rooftops of your house every day, learning how to comfort yourself, so I used to do this every day.”

She participated for the first time in a film with Abdel Halim Hafez, which is “Ayam and Layali”, and her wage was 100 pounds, after which she presented dozens of successful films, including “The Three Lies”, “Bain Al-Qasrain”, “Aziz Habayeb”, and “Fugitive from Marriage”.

She refused kissing in films Suhair Al-Baroni criticized actresses who kiss in films, and said: “I do not like actresses who are confused, and a husband who allows his wife or sister to be confused in the film remains a cuckold man,” according to her press statements.

I refused Hussein Fahmy’s kiss

In one of her old TV interviews, Suhair Al-Baroni revealed that she refused a movie that was offered to her, after the movie included scenes of kisses with Hussein Fahmy.


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