Why did you refuse to work with the leader, Adel Imam? Ghada Adel breaks her silence and answers without hesitation, revealing a secret…


Actress Ghada Adel apologized for working with leader Adel Imam in one of his films years ago, thus causing a great deal of controversy.

At that time, Ghada Adel responded to the reason for her refusal, stressing that she had apologized for the movie “Zheimer” starring the artist Adel Imam, because of her preoccupation with filming the series “Farah Al-Omda”, which prompted her to apologize for working with the leader, and the director at the time used Nelly Karim as an alternative.

The film revolves around the businessman Mahmoud, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and forgets many details of his life, even some of his children. Ahmed Rizk and Rania Youssef co-star in the film, written by Nader Salah El-Din, and directed by Amr Arafa.


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