Willow launches a wire-free smart breast pump at a lower price


Willow, a group of smart breast pumps that promise higher milk yield than other pumps, has unveiled the Willow Go, according to an engadged report.

The new model retails for $329, a significant decrease from the $500 Willow 3.0 price, and while some insurance plans offer breast pumps free or at a reduced cost, many will only cover the cost of a manual breast pump (which usually costs $20).

The Willow Go is likely to be an attractive option for women who have to pay out of pocket for a smart breast pump, according to the company, the Willow Go costs $150 through most insurance companies and each set contains two cups.

More than 20% of Willow pumps were purchased under insurance in 2021, and offering Willow Go at an affordable $150 with most insurance plans allows more moms than ever to have access to the best technology without “any tubes, wires, or Huge outboard motors, Willow CEO Laura Chambers said in a statement.


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