With a very shocking boldness .. the daughter of a famous Egyptian artist breaks her silence and confesses to the public: (My husband and his friend always sleep with me at home) .. Watch who you are!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Nazly Mostafa, the daughter of the famous Egyptian artist, Noha Al-Amrousy, blew up a shocking surprise during her investigation into a case

“The Vermont scandal”, which the Attorney General ordered her release pending investigations into the case.

The Egyptian “Nazly” said that the accused, Omar El-Koumi, married her after a love story between them from childhood days in 2014. Under a forged contract after agreeing with some of his lawyer friends in an office. Which I discovered after the rape incident.

And she added, according to Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper, that one day the accused invited his friend to dinner inside the house. He put an anesthetic in her drink,

When she lost consciousness, he took turns raping her and his friend, videotaping her during sex and sending them to other of his friends.

Nazli confirmed that when she woke up from the drug, she found herself wearing only a T-shirt. And she doesn’t wear any other clothes, and when I asked why, the response to her was that she had a condition

She was very sick and her husband gave her some medicine. After the accident, she learned from one of her friends the truth of the matter, and her husband sent these videos to his friends.

The Public Prosecution had ordered the release of Seif El-Din Ahmed, and Nazly Mustafa, the daughter of the artist, Noha El-Amrousy. The detainees are pending investigations into the Vermont girl incident.

and other related facts, after the New Cairo Misdemeanour Court of Appeal decided. Re-imprisonment of the accused in the 2014 gang rape case, inside the Fairmont Hotel. 45 days pending investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution.


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