With the most shameless view of the globe: Rahaf Al-Qunun and her girlfriend raise widespread controversy and lead the trend in the first movie that has been intimidated by their intimate practice with each other!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Rahaf al-Qunun did not stop at publishing scandalous pictures that showed her buttocks and sensitive areas recently, and even reached the point of photographing herself naked and deleting the picture after it was published to provoke controversy.

But the surprise was Rahaf al-Qunun’s publication of a short clip on Instagram while she was having lesbianism with her friend, and in the clip, Rahaf al-Qunun was with her friend, who appears to be Arab, inside a car, after which they exchanged kisses through the mouth and sucking lips.

And those kisses do not express friendship, but rather express an abnormal sexual relationship, which is known, which is sex between a girl and a girl, and Rahaf did not hide her homosexuality in the past, as she spoke several times that she has different sexual orientations.

Rahaf is constantly experiencing problems with her husband, and this confirms that she is a homosexual who usually fails in marital relations because of their inclinations to women and lack of desire for men. Lesbianism turns into addiction and mental illness.

Rahaf began preparing for her audience with scandalous pictures and reached the point of filming the moments of hot kisses on the lips with her friend, and perhaps we will see pornographic films for her in the future.

And earlier, Rahaf Al-Qunun published pictures with a beautiful girl with Arab features in a suspicious position, in a celebration with a number of young men and girls, and it seemed that he was immoral.

Especially since Rahaf has spoken several times that she has a different sexual orientation and is looking for a girlfriend, which made the public speculate that Rahaf is practicing immorality with her friend as she has gay sexual orientation and discloses this on several occasions.

Rahaf Al-Qunun’s husband, Lovolo Randy, had revealed that he was not his daughter’s biological father, after he conducted a DNA test for his daughter from Rahaf, Rita, which revealed a DNA mismatch,

Which means that she is not his daughter, and he accused her of practicing immorality with other men, and when he told her the results of the examination, she replied that she was happy that he was not her father, and Rita would be better off with someone else.

On January 12, 2019, Canada agreed to accept Rahaf asylum seekers, and she arrived at Toronto airport and was received by Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.

Rahaf is 20 years old. She married African basketball player Lovolo Andy and had a daughter with him. She converted to Christianity and renounced Islam after fleeing her family to Canada, which accepted her asylum and considered her a Canadian citizen.


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