Witness: His Excellency Zayed confesses in a moment of weakness and fear and after insisting that the scene in this forbidden film was not just an acting and the director enjoyed watching it with the hero until the end!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>His Excellency Abdullah El Miniawy, known as Maali Zayed, was born on November 5, 1953 and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, and she is from an artistic family.

Her mother is the artist Amal Zayed, her aunt is the artist Jamalat Zayed and her uncle is the scriptwriter Mohsen Zayed, who is one of the husbands of the artist Sawsan Badr and the maternal cousin of the artist Maali Zayed is the great artist Hani Shaker.

The first films in which the great artist, Maali Zayed, participated in, was the film “Waste life, my son,” when she is 21 years old, and the film starring Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and directed by Raafat Al-Mihi.

Maali Zayed was married twice in her life, and her first husband was an engineer, and this marriage lasted for nearly three years, then they separated.

As for her second marriage, it was with a doctor she met while she was undergoing surgery, and while she was filming a hot scene in the movie Abu Al-Dahab with Mamdouh Wafi, her husband, the doctor, came to visit her in the studio and found her in the arms of Mamdouh Wafi.

And when that doctor saw his wife, the artist, Maali Zayed, in the arms of the artist, Wafi, he took her home and a big quarrel broke out between them.

The film crew waited six months for Maali Zayed’s hair to grow again, to finish shooting the rest of the film’s scenes, and when her hair grew late, she had to use a wig to be able to complete the movie.

Some described the hot scene that brought together His Excellency Zayed and Mamdouh Wafi, that it was not a representation but rather a reality, which made her husband angry and beat her, then shaved her hair and divorced her. In turn, the Egyptian artist, Maali Zayed, commented,

In one of her press statements about the scene, she mocked, “This is not acting,” pointing to the suffering that happened to her as a result of that hot scene.

She began to be attacked by her husband and then separated from him, and the attack on her from the media as a result of her acting in the scenes of the movie Abu Al-Dahab.

On the other hand, with His Excellency Zayed away from the spotlight, the “farm” was the source of her livelihood, as confirmed by her friend, the artist Hala Sedky, who lives next to her, where she was raising livestock, but in the recent period she felt a desire to sell the farm.

As for her staying away from acting, Hala made it clear that this happens with her entire generation and not just with Maali, especially since it is a stage in which she must accept that a new generation appears,

And you have to either accept the matter or retire as some did, but it was difficult for His Excellency Zayed and you did not accept it, especially since some dealt with senior stars with “contempt” as described by Hala Sedky.

She indicated that she refused a role in the series “The Women’s Prison”, which was shown in one of the dramatic races in the month of Ramadan, and her last appearance was through the series “Hot Wave”.

Before her death, she felt pain in her chest, so she called the artist, Hala Sedky, who took her to a hospital, and there the doctor told her that she had breast cancer and that her condition was very late. Indeed, she passed away on November 10, 2014 at the age of 61


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