Witness: The most famous daring seduction actress tells the scene of taking off her entire underwear and climbing a horse on top of her and making her suffer greatly and scream hysterically..!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The young Egyptian artist, Houria Farghaly, has been able to make a place for herself among the stars since she began her artistic career.

She participated in many important works, on the cinematic and dramatic levels.

The beautiful actress, Houria Farghali, was born on October 18, 1977 in the UAE, and then left for her country, Egypt in 2009.

And only a year after her arrival, she participated in a film that caused her suffering due to accusations of nudity and the loss of her fiance.

One of her most recent works is the series “Kingdom of Ghajar”, which was recently shown and co-starred with the artist Fifi Abdo, and she also appeared as a guest of honor in the movie “Pharaoh’s Campaign”, starring the artist Amr Saad, and it was shown during the last Eid al-Fitr season.

The young Egyptian artist described the series, Kingdom of Ghajar, as difficult, and said, “The whole work was difficult, and there were scenes I wore

She wore a light dress even though the weather was very cold, and I continued in these clothes for two days without sleeping, and this was the most difficult thing I faced.

And she added, “Besides, I had to drive a big carriage “Trella”, and this is the first time I’ve done this. As for riding the horses that many of the audience asked me about, I had no problems with it, especially since I am the Egyptian champion in equestrian.”

And about her hot scene in the movie “Kalmni Shukran”, in which she took off her underwear, she accused the director of the film Khaled Youssef of being very unfair in this movie, especially since the scene of temptation that she embodied was not present in the script, and he insisted on filming it.

And she continued, “I was wronged because of this scene at the technical and human level, and I decided after him not to present such a scene again, and that I would not take off my clothes in this way, and I tried to change the public’s view of me in the other works that I participated in.”

Houria Farghali confirmed, in the context of previous press statements, that she did not regret presenting the hot scene in the movie Thank You Kalmani, because she was inexperienced:

When Khaled Youssef showed me the scene, I found it convincing for a girl to take off her clothes to lure young people through the Internet, and it was logical in the context of the events of the movie, but as I said, I was wronged a lot because of it later.

The main reason for the artist Houria Farghali’s remorse for her performance of the scene, which caused a sensation through the media and social networking sites, is that her fiance took off his wedding ring, and returned it to her during the special screening of the movie Kallemni Shukran.

The movie Kalmni Shukran was produced in 2010 and directed by Khaled Youssef, and co-starred with Amr Abdel Galil, Ghada Abdel Razek, Sabri Fawaz, and Shwikar, through which she returned to acting after a long absence.

In a telephone interview with the media, Asmaa Mustafa, on the “This Morning” program on the Extra News channel, the Egyptian artist revealed her suffering because of her colleagues in the artistic community abandoned her, after a horse climbed over her while she was trying to ride on it, and her nose was smashed about three years ago.

She explained that she has been waiting for about a year for the opening of the American embassy in Cairo, in order to obtain a travel visa to go for a final surgery there, pointing out that she has been living alone since the beginning of the Corona crisis and does not leave her home and release her so that people do not see her.

She added, crying on the air, that there was a significant change in her look and voice due to the deformation of her nose, as well as her complete loss of taste and smell almost 3 years ago, saying, “I will not eat or smell any smell. For hours, I am afraid. If there is a fire, for example, I will not scratch my mind because I do not feel the smell of smoke .. God owes us, yes, I do not know its value other than now.”

And she was very upset by the comments of some that what happened to her was caused by plastic surgeries, pointing out that she won the title of Miss Egypt and did not need any plastic surgery at all, but she had an accident on a horse farm and a horse fell on her and her nose was completely crushed, and since then The operations did not stop and her nose did not return to normal.

And she continued: “I the horse fell completely over me and on my heels.. I have no nostrils..a difficult process because it is not just a shape, not a sinus, and I taste and smell, and my voice returns to normal.. before that”.

She also expressed her annoyance at the artists’ abandonment of her, after she moved away from the art scene, adding, “When I was successful, there were many people around… But when I sat down to get treatment, I didn’t find anyone beside me… My phone is not open, no one asks at all, and the people who once stood beside them. I was late and suddenly needed to forget about them.”

And she added, “I did 38 jobs in 7 years, and I was working while I was sick, and in the series “The Witch of the South” I was working and my temperature was 40.” She asked, “Have people reached this point and no longer supported each other?”

Recently, the young artist, Houria Farghali, returned to Egypt after performing a series of repair operations for her nose and face in America that lasted for several months, and she appeared in television statements with features similar to her previous features.


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