You don’t know from Talaja Aboki.. The media, Doaa Farouk, is stunned by a follow-up who mocked her extra weight and taught her a harsh lesson that she will never forget!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The Egyptian media, Doaa Farouk, shared her followers, on Instagram, with a video clip imitating the YouTuber by chance, Gad.

This comes in response to a follow-up describing her weight in a sarcastic way, which was circulated by many pioneers of “social media”.

The media commented on the video clip that she filmed via “Tik Tok”, saying: “This is an appreciation from me for the mighty and dazzling content that Mrs. Sugar said, who replied to Umm Hamouda (follow-up)… a big salute to the sweetest and most important response I’ve heard in my life… No, the truth is the most important response. In the twentieth century and the twenty-first century, which six (heavy) question will tell you about to the end of the marble, you betrayed me?

Many of the media’s followers, Doaa Farouk, interacted with the video clip, which garnered more than 150 thousand views, in addition to the comments, including: “You are sugar and honey,” “Even you, Dodo,” “in a coincidence.”


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