You may reach for exclusion.. The text of the expected penalties for Senegal (list)


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Wednesday 30 March 2022

Books – Muhammad Mustafa:

The Egyptian team’s match against Senegal in the second leg of the decisive round of the African qualifiers for the World Cup Qatar 2022 witnessed abuses and skirmishes from the fans who attended the Abdullah Wade Stadium in the capital, Dakar.

The match ended with Senegal winning with a clean goal, the same as the result of the first leg, to extend the match to the penalty shootout, during which the Teranga Lions won 3-1, to reserve the qualification ticket for the World Cup, and the Pharaohs lost the opportunity to climb to the World Cup.

The FIFA regulation for the World Cup qualifiers states in Article 10 of the arbitration clause 6 that the match referee sends an official report to FIFA, and keeps a copy of it, provided that the report takes into account as many details as possible, such as bad Conduct of players, officials or fans, and any other incident before, during and after the match.

The regulation also states in Article 11 related to disciplinary sanctions, that such incidents are dealt with in accordance with the (FIFA Disciplinary Code), that players must respect the spirit of fair play, avoid violence, and refrain from doping, otherwise the FIFA Disciplinary Committee will consider any violations

Article 16 of the FIFA Disciplinary Regulations states the following:

first item

The match host is responsible for order and security in and around the stadium before, during and after matches, and any incidents that may result in the host being subject to disciplinary action, unless it is demonstrated that they were not negligent in any of them.

The following must be observed:

a) assess the degree of risk to the match and notify the FIFA bodies

b) comply with and enforce safety rules, and take all precautions required by conditions in and around the stadium before, during and after the match.

c) Ensure the safety of match officials, players and officials of the visiting team during the match

d) Keep the authorities informed of all details and cooperate with them

e) ensuring that law and order are maintained in and around stadiums, and that matches are properly organized.

The second item

The second clause states that the federations and clubs are responsible for any improper behavior of their supporters and the fans present in the stadium, and the absence of any negligence in relation to the organization of the match:

a) Attempting to enter the stadium

b) throwing any objects into the playground

c) the use of fireworks

d) Using laser pointers or similar electronic devices

e) Using gestures, words or any other means to convey a message that is inappropriate for a sporting event, especially messages of a political, ideological, religious or offensive nature.

f) Causing any damage to the playing field.

g) causing disturbance during the national anthem

h) any other lack of order or discipline observed in or around the stadium.

The sixth item stipulates the provisions of penalties and disciplinary measures, and they are categorized into 6 progressive penalties as follows, whether for individuals or legal persons “clubs and federations”.

First Punishment

a) warning

b) reprimand

c) the fine

d) return prizes

e) Withdrawal of the title

Second Punishment

a) Suspension for a specified number of matches or for a specified period

b) Prohibition of locker rooms and/or bench seats

c) Prohibition of participation in any football related activity

d) Serving the football community.

Third Punishment

a) ban on movement

b) playing the match without fans

c) Play a match with a limited number of fans

d) Play a match on neutral ground.

e) Prohibition of playing in a particular stadium.

f) cancel the match result.

g) Deduction of points.

h) go down to a lower level

i) Expulsion from current or future competitions

j) exclusion

k) rematch.

l) Implementation of an awareness program

Fourth Punishment

A fine of not less than 100 Swiss francs or more than one million Swiss francs.

Fifth Punishment

The local association is responsible for the fine imposed.

Sixth Punishment

It is permissible to combine more than one of the procedures stipulated in this law.

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