(You refused to marry the leader, Adel Imam, and you broke off the engagement, why?) Madiha Hamdi answered without hesitation and revealed this dangerous secret!


The engagement of the artist Madiha Hamdi to the artist Adel Imam, which took place more than 40 years ago, topped the search engines and social networking sites, after the first touched on her during a television interview, which was circulated by a large number of social media followers.

Madiha Hamdi refused to answer a question about the reason for her refusal of leader Adel Imam, during her television interview, and her assertion that each of them had his family and his own life, and then talking about this issue is no longer useful.

A friendship relationship that combines the family of Madiha Hamdi and Adel Imam, and Madiha Hamdi indicated that there is a friendship relationship between the two families, “He became married to a virtuous woman, and he has his children and his beautiful life, and I also have my life and my children, and the truth is his wife suits him very much and he loves her and loves him.”

She revealed a phone call that she and the leader had collected from a period during which she was going through a health crisis, and he called her to check on her health and conditions, and told him that she had eaten unhealthy food, to answer her in his own way: “We don’t say we don’t mess up.”

Madiha Hamdi, in a press statement, previously refused to talk about the story of her association with Adel Imam, as it was an unfinished experience and a long time passed, and each of them had their own artistic and family path, and therefore it is not permissible for both of them to address this issue.

The leader married Hala Al-Shalakany, and it was a love story that brought them together in the early seventies of the last century, and they got engaged, but it did not last long, and each of them had his own family life. , and the artist Muhammad Imam, and Sarah Imam.

Madiha Hamdi wore the hijab in the nineties Madiha Hamdi started her artistic career with the beginning of the sixties of the last century, and participated in a large number of artworks, and with the beginning of the nineties she decided to wear the hijab, and it became one of the most important artistic symbols in religious and historical dramas.


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