You said you are better than Salah?! See Zidane’s response and how Klopp compared him to “Abu Makkah”


A while ago, statements by the great football star, Mohamed Zidan, were spread that the world coach, Jurgen Klopp, the coach of Mohamed Salah now in Liverpool, and the former coach of Mohamed Zidane, said that Zidane has capabilities 100 times better than the capabilities and skills of Mohamed Salah, which Zidane denied. During his seminar on the seventh day, noting that Klopp did not say you the letters at all, but he said that I was one of the most skilled players he dealt with and were trained by him, as Zidane confirmed: “I would remain a fool if I said that Klopp said that I am better than Mohamed Salah.”

Mohamed Salah and Mohamed Zidan
Mohamed Salah and Mohamed Zidan

Zidane confirmed that Jurgen Klopp told him: “If I were a quarter of Salah’s focus, I would have reached a very far place, and I would have been better than Salah,” noting that he sees Mohamed Salah as a skill defect of a heavy caliber, and no one can deny that, as he sees That Egypt possesses a defect to a large extent, “harp”, but what comes after that is only success from God.

Zidane also spoke that Allaib’s skill differs from the eye of his fans, so even the most skilled player in the world differs from them. The world is a relative view, and it may differ from one lover to another defect.

On the other hand, The Seventh Day Foundation honored the world football star, Mohamed Zidan, during a seminar devoted to talking about the expectations of the Egyptian team match today against Senegal, in the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. During the seminar, Zidane recalled his memories with the Egyptian team during the African Championship in year 2008 and 2010, where he indicated that his generation was a golden generation, distinguished by many big names that complemented some of them on the field. His generation included the great stars Muhammad Abu Trika, Muhammad Barakat, Imad Miteb, Essam Al-Hadary, Wael Gomaa, Ahmed Hassan and many others from The big names that were able to dominate the field wherever they found themselves.


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