You will not believe that this is the price that Laila Elwi paid after accepting to marry one of the most important members of President Mubarak’s family!


She appeared in the late seventies, and was famous for her beauty, gentleness and tyrannical femininity, with distinctive hazel eyes, yellow hair, and wheatish skin, having millions of fans in the Arab world.

Laila Elwi has a large balance of films and series, such as: Gharam Al-Afa’i, Qidbat Al-Hilali, Sama’ Obsession, Al-Tawam, Farah Layla, She and Da Vinci and others.

In the artistic community, she was known as a miss and did not experience marriage, until the beginning of 2007, when Laila announced her marriage to the uncle of “Khadija”, wife of Gamal Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, son of the late President Mubarak, businessman Mansour El-Gammal.

Laila Elwi said that she met the beauty in one of the official evenings, and they exchanged admiration and phone numbers, and the friendship turned into a relationship of love and connection.

Many did not know that the dowry provided by Mansour El-Gammal to the beautiful Laila Elwi was a 1.5 million dollar yacht, in addition to a set of precious jewels.

In 2015, Laila Elwi announced her separation from the beauty businessman, with whom she gave birth to their son Khaled, announcing the continuation of their friendship despite the divorce.

The divorced Egyptian star, Laila Elwi, died in April 2020, after suffering a health crisis, after which he was transferred to an isolation hospital in Cairo, on suspicion of being infected with the Corona virus.

The artist, Laila Elwi, was keen to mourn her ex-husband, businessman Mansour El-Gammal, in a post on her official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site.

Laila said in the post: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. I pray for mercy and forgiveness for the businessman, Dr. Mansour Al-Jammal, who passed away, may God enlighten his grave and enter him into his spacious gardens.. and grant his family and friends patience and solace.”

Alawi accepted condolences from a large number of art stars, including Nelly Karim, Abeer Sabry, Lebanese Nicole Saba and artist Basma, and a follower stopped before Laila deleted the adjective “ex-husband” from the late despite his statement before his death that it was his best marriage, and he received blame from the rest of the followers who demanded him to respect his sanctity the death.

And businessman Mansour El-Gammal had contracted severe pneumonia that completely destroyed the lung and deteriorated liver function, and he kept breathing for several days with assistive devices, and the treating team tried to stop the deterioration in liver function and those close to him refused to confirm his infection with the Corona virus.

It is mentioned that the latest work of the artist, Laila Elwi, is the movie “Water, Greenery, and a Good Face” and co-starred with Menna Shalaby, Bassem Samra, Ahmed Daoud, Muhammad Farraj, Sabreen, Inaam Salousa, Lama Katket, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi and Sabri Abdel Moneim, and it is an idea in the name of Samra, and directed by Yusr Nasrallah.


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