Zamalek news today, Thursday, March 31, 2022


Today, Thursday, March 31, 2022, Ralzamalek witnessed many important events, most notably, Mortada Mansour reveals the details of the “six-loan” in Zamalek, and Zamalek defeats Al-Ahly 29/22 and is crowned champion of the Hand Professional League.

Zamalek defeats Al-Ahly 29/22 and is crowned champion of the Handball Professional League

The handball team of Zamalek Club defeated its Al-Ahly counterpart 29/22 in the final summit of the Handball Professional League for the local season 2021/2022 at Hassan Mostafa Hall on the 6th of October to be crowned the champion for this season.

Mathlouthi and Jaziri arrive in Cairo today

Tunisian Hamza Mathlouthi and Seif El Din El Jaziri, players of Zamalek, will arrive in Cairo today, Thursday, after the Tunisian team’s match against Mali in the World Cup qualifiers.

Mortada Mansour reveals the details of “six loans” in Zamalek

Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek club, spoke about the position of the white team players loaned to other clubs in the Premier League, noting: “Mohamed Sobhi, Farco loaned 5 million, intending to sell 20 million and 20% resale rate, and whoever made this contract is corrupt.

Mortada Mansour calls on the Clubs Association to set a “financial ceiling” for players’ prices

Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club, confirmed that he will ask the Association of Clubs to meet with all club presidents and set a maximum limit for deals with a 3-year period not to buy any player from any club until player prices drop.

The date of the next match between Zamalek and Sagrada in Angola

The Zamalek team will host the Angolan team Sagrada at Cairo Stadium at the end of the group stage matches in the African Champions League, which was bid farewell to the two teams after Zamalek occupied the third place in the group with 3 points, while the Sagrada team occupies the last place with one point.

Mortada Mansour praises Cuban Youssefani after paying 6 thousand francs from his pocket to participate with Zamalek

Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, praised the position of Cuban Yousfani Hernandez, a professional in the first volleyball team, after his decisive intervention to obtain his international card from the International Federation, just two hours before the Al-Ahly match in the league.

Youssef Obama apologizes to the fans of Zamalek and confirms: We promise decisively 3 upcoming championships

Yusuf Ibrahim Obama is a player apologized Zamalek To the White Castle fans after the team failed to qualify for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League and exit from the group stage, Obama said during his speech on the sidelines of the press conference held today in preparation for the Angolan Sagrada match in the last round of the group stage: I hope the Sagrada match will be a strong start For the team, especially that Zamalek will compete for 3 championships in the coming period.


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