A video that causes an uproar in Saudi Arabia and leads to the trial of two security men


A video clip of a reckless Saudi citizen driving his car against traffic on a public road in Riyadh caused an uproar among Saudis during the past hours. Especially after the driver caused a collision of 11 vehicles, amid attempts by the security men and those on the scene to stop him, to no avail.

And despite the fact that those present at the scene of the accident smashed the car windows with sticks, in order to get the driver out of it, he continued to ram the deliberately parked cars without stopping.

try to escape

Subsequently, the media spokesman for the Riyadh police announced the arrest of the driver of the vehicle, who appeared in the video clip that spread on the communication sites, driving a reflector on a public road, causing damage to 11 vehicles, and endangering road users while trying to escape.

He also added that the inference procedures showed that he was in an abnormal condition, then the legal procedures against him were completed, and he was referred to the Public Prosecution.

Interrogation with two security men

Hours after the spokesman’s statement, an appendix statement was issued, explaining that the two security men who started the accident were investigated and prosecuted, for not using their authority granted to them to stop the culprit, as required by the situation, by shooting at the tires, and to protect the property of the two vehicles and identify their shortcomings. .

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