A video that sparked controversy.. Sources reveal the truth about the death of “Extras” while filming


10:39 PM

Tuesday 05 April 2022

Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

Social media users circulated a video clip whose owner claimed the death of one of the participants in the filming of the series “Donia Tania” for the star Laila Elwi in Sheikh Zayed City.

The clip, no longer than two minutes, was later deleted – in which a blue angel’s car appears to topple a person as he crosses the road near Sheikh Zayed Central Park, before dozens gather, some shouting, “Ambulance, Jadaan.”

“Masrawy” contacted one of the series heroes and denied recording any deaths during the existing filming operations, which was confirmed by a security source, pointing out that the emergency operations room did not receive any report of accidents as indicated.

A third source in the ambulance authority stressed that the operating room did not receive a notification in this regard or that an accident occurred in that area in the first place.

The series “Donia Tania”, starring: Laila Elwi, Magdy Kamel, Mai Selim, Firas Saeed, Wafaa Sadiq, Ashraf Zaki and others, general supervision of writing by Amin Gamal, script and dialogue by Hamdi Al-Tayeh, Amr Moamen, Ibrahim Al-Sabbagh, directed by Ahmed Abdel-Aal .

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