Alec Baldwin’s wife celebrates his birthday


Hilaria Baldwin, wife of American actor Alec Baldwin, celebrated his 64th birthday with a photo of the two of them on Instagram with a very touching message.
Hilaria wrote: “You ask me now and then that if we could have known beforehand would I have given up on you, you always apologize as you cry for what your life of fame has done to us, you feel like you made me a target, I never see that, and my answer to your previous question is I will choose you a million times.”
“Happy moments, scary moments, emotional moments, sad moments, wonderful people, frustration, confusion, adventure, laughter … being a wife and mother. Yes, Alec… I would choose it every time.’
And she added, “I know that life has sweet moments and bitter moments. I look at this picture at the beginning of our relationship and I was very nervous from the cameras, but you hugged me, so I feel safe and stable. This is our strength together, so it was and so it will remain.”
Hilaria also wrote: “On your birthday, I want to remind you, as my best friend, to live life. Those who truly know you, who know your heart, your courage, your fears, your weaknesses, your strengths, your joys… We want you to live and enjoy every moment of life.”

She also asked her husband to get rid of his grief, writing: “Break negative noise out of your life. It’s a distraction from what life is all about. Satan is sneaking around trying to reduce your time on Earth. You are a man who has lived through amazing moments, given so much, and suffered unbelievable pain that left a palpable mark and shock.”
She concluded: “We are here to help you recover and get back to normal. Because we all love you Alec…me and your kids and your family and your friends…and so many people reading this right now. We want you to celebrate life and live it to the fullest. You deserve this and so much more. We love you and happy birthday.”
It appears from Hilarias speech that Alec is still suffering, as her words were an invitation to her husband to overcome the effects of the horrific incident, the shooting incident that led to the death of the director of photography during the filming of the movie “Rust” in October 2021.
It’s hard for a star to get over what happened to him! Especially since about 4 months after the accident, the family of Helena Hutchins, director of filming for the movie “Rust”, who died by mistake while shooting the movie, in which Alec Baldwin plays the title role and is also involved in the production, filed a lawsuit against the actor for a malfunction. And great damage.
The family accused the actor of ignoring a number of safety standards for working on film sets, so the family filed a civil lawsuit in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on behalf of Matthew Hutchins, husband of the late cinematographer Helena Hutchins and their 9-year-old son.
In this context, attorney Brian Banish gave a press conference in Los Angeles in which he said that the lawsuit includes the names of Alec Baldwin and others responsible for safety on the set, whose reckless behavior and cost-cutting led to the tragically death of the victim, Helena Hutchins.
It is noteworthy that Alek has reposted his 38-year-old wife’s post on his Instagram page, with a comment that read: “This message is from my wife, these words mean more to me than anything in the world.”

Alec and Hilaria are expecting their seventh child

In a separate context, American actor Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin revealed that they are waiting for the birth of their seventh child, through a special video they posted on their Instagram accounts.
The video shows Hilaria with Alec Baldwin and their six children, in a moving state of joy and cuddling with their mother.
The post was accompanied by a lengthy comment that read: “After so many good and bad moments over the past few years, we have an exciting moment and a big surprise, another Baldwinetto is coming this fall. On this news, as you can see, they are very excited; Our newborn is a bright spot in our lives.”
The post concluded by writing: “A blessing and a gift in such difficult times. I have missed you during my time away from social media. I am back and looking forward to continuing with you on this wild journey that we call life. I send my love to you and your loved ones.”

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