Britain: Ukrainian forces retake key areas north of Kyiv


Reported Ministry of Defense In a circular on Twitter, the fighting is likely to continue at a low level in the newly retaken areas, but is declining sharply this week with the withdrawal of the rest Russian forces.

The ministry added that many Withdrew Russian units From northcrania It is likely to require significant re-equipment and refurbishment before it can redeploy to participate in operations in the East Ukraine.

and pulled out Russian forcesRecently, from towns adjacent to the capital KyivAfter Moscow decided to focus its operations on the eastern Donbass region, where pro-Russian separatists are located.

Western reports stated that Russia decided to disregard the seizure of Kyiv and major cities, because it was met with fierce resistance that it did not expect, and the Russian army also failed to enter the capital or encircle it tightly.

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