Laboratory acceptable.. We publish a “Food Safety” report regarding shipments of chocolate


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Tuesday 05 April 2022

Books – Muhammad Sami:

Masrawy obtained a report from the Food Safety Authority, regarding allowing the entry of shipments of chocolate, which were controversially raised about the content of their components containing derivatives of the narcotic poppy plant.

The shipment inspection report indicated that it is acceptable from a phenomenological and laboratory standpoint, during the examination that took place last year.

The Ministry of the Interior had issued a statement about the presence of chocolate that contains a percentage of poppy in its ingredients; This is after what was circulated in some media outlets.

The statement added, “It is noteworthy that some poppy seeds are included in the components of some foodstuffs, and are processed before use to ensure that they are free of narcotics.”

The statement indicated that samples of the chocolate traded in the markets will be withdrawn. To be analyzed to ensure that it conforms to international standards.

Dr. Gaber Gad Nassar, the former president of Cairo University, said that after careful examination, it became clear to him that the reason for the positive analysis of drugs for some non-smokers sometimes, including officials and personalities in prestigious positions, is the consumption of one of the chocolate products imported from abroad, which contains the poppy plant in its ingredients. .

Mahmoud Shaheen, vice president of the company importing “Poppy Chocolate”, denied the presence of any narcotic substances in the imported chocolate, as some have promoted.

Shaheen said that the company that produces this type of chocolate is from Germany and that we have been importing from it for 25 years. “.

He added that chocolate contains all natural ingredients, like any type of chocolate, containing cocoa, milk and poppy, but it does not contain narcotics, stressing that the company imports more than 20 international products.

He stressed that the chocolate manufacturer told us that it complies with German law and sent us all the required credits, pointing out that the Ministry of Supply and Drug Control contacted us and took samples of the chocolate for examination.

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